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Paul comes from a musical and technical back ground having spent his early days from the age of 13 playing drums. Starting as a typical rock n roll drummer at the age of 13, Paul was lucky enough to play with various local bands. He ventured into the world of professional drumming in the early 80s and expanded his knowledge to include  jazz, blues, even heavy metal,  just about a little of everything to start understanding the true nature of drumming.  He also spent a considerable amount of time in the studio learning various techniques of recording drums and percussions. Touring was one of his favorite things to do as it allowed him to entertain people live. Paulís touring days continued behind the scenes as his career took a turn due to health issues. He returned to the California bay area and started working as a stage and production technician. He continued touring and racked up considerable studio time. Prior to leaving California for the last time, Paul began to expand his knowledge beyond traditional drumming to include more detailed percussion style playing.
Paul took a break from the music business in 1995 to join Corporate America. He moved to Europe to hone his international skills in Project Management and Implementation.  However, his true passion and calling in life is doing things that advance and/or entertain people. Helping others and making them happy fulfills his dreams.
Having returned to the United States in 2003 with his wife, Paul started to look closely at what his new vision would be. Due to Paulís passion for percussion and helping people, having attended many drum circles and his recent call to reconnect to mother earth, the Rhythm Priest was born. Paul has spent the last few years building his program which launched in August of 2008.
Now settled in Minnesota, Paulís passion continues to be about working with people, making them happy and re connecting them back to the pulse of our earth. Paul believes that the earth has given so much of its energy for people that the least we can do is recharge her, and to do so, using drums. The more people can re charge our earth through drums, the longer our earth can live and continue giving us the things that allow us to live. Paul will be at various festivals and will continue to give workshops with the vision of uniting you with the pulse of the earth, one by one. 
Paul will continue to expand the program to bring the Rhythm Priest to as many people as possible in the coming years. He hopes to one day be able to take the Rhythm Priest to our troops in IRAQ.

The Rhythm Priest is in process of recording several CD projects and will begin making them available online as they are completed.

Thank you for your interest in the Rhythm Priest.

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