The Rhythm Priest is more a concept than an individuality. The main mission is to help others learn how to reconnect themselves to the pulse of our mother earth. This alignment helps us spiritually and physically as all things are pulse driven. However, there is much more to the Rhythm Priest.

As a drummer/percussionist, participates in various music productions and facilitates drums circles. As a producer, helps other musicians get the best out of their music or production. As an engineer, making available a fully functional digital recording studio for the purposes of recording Demos, EPs, Voiceovers, Voice Prompts, Audio books and more.

A drum in everyone’s hands will bring peace to our world. Take the time to recharge mother earth and reconnect yourself to her pulse.

 As we allow ourselves to align with her pulses, we bring a sense of harmony to our lives. Everything in the world is driven by the pulses. The past, current and future depend on the pulses. However, some have lost the alignment and therefore create and live on chaos. Chaos is based on the lack of alignment with the earth’s pulse. When the human heart stops aligning with the earth pulses, not only do they depend on chaos, they tear apart our souls and will never rest in peace.

The direction of the Rhythm Priest is to bring back the concept of alignment to mother earth by working with individuals or groups. To help people realize peace and harmony as they reconnect to mother earth. Using the best communication tool ever created, the drum helps us accomplish this. The message would then become:

A drum in everyone’s hands has brought peace to our world. We have taken the time to recharge mother earth and have reconnected ourselves to her pulses. I feel at peace.

May the Pulse be with you!



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