What else does The Rhythm Priest do? 

Drum Circle Facilitation For your festival needs, The Rhythm Priest is available to give your event basic drumming workshops and will lead your drum circle.

It is important to understand that anyone can play drums, they simply do not know it. The Rhythm Priest starts with a basic Drumming 101 workshop to show you the basic techniques. From that, you should not fear entering a drum circle and being part of the collaborate pulse.

Drum circles vary from festival to festival. Some festivals have drum circles where only advanced players feel comfortable participating in. Some, have a bunch of people around a camp fire with their drums, but are afraid to play them. The Rhythm Priest believes that everyone should take part in the pulse. It does not matter whether you are advanced or picked up a drum for the first time. In getting everyone involved, The Rhythm Priest facilitates what you need. A simple drum beat can be powerful with enough people participating.
Corporate Team Bonding In today's corporate environment, stress is the number one factor contributing to poor productivity. Teams hide in their cubes, some are so involved in social networking that they have lost their social skills. Team bonding is important and many corporations offer programs to bring teams together and bond for mutual gain. The Rhythm Priest brings the concept of a festival drum circle to the corporate environment. Offering many of the techniques of a drum circle which in a corporate circle can help with motivation, collaboration and effective communications. Even if you need to blow off a little steam, drum circles are effective that way, but The Rhythm Priest will make sure you do not get out of control.
Recording Studio Services

We offer a fully digital recording studio for your EP and demo needs. The studio is also analog to digital compatible with various conversion techniques and technologies available. We also do voice over recording and packaging, voice mail prompt recording, live interview recording in our studios (soon we'll have mobile capabilities), audio inventory, and other audio recording production needs. If you are one person simply wanting to record your ideas or a group wanting to put a demo or EP together, drop us a line and we'll talk about your needs.

Our studio is capable of multi configurations and is proud to use the following equipment and software:

MAC Mini
Quad Processor PCs
Presonus Audio Interfaces
Behringer Mixers
Behringer Preamp
Alesis, Yamaha, Roland and Behringer FX Processing
Behringer EQs
Sony Headphones
Senhieser Headphones
Logic Pro 9.1
Q-Base VST

Blue Bottle Mics

Our studio also comes with various instruments for your use such as

Roland VDrums
Roland Octopads
Yamaha Keyboards
M-Audio midi controller keyboard (Full 88 Key)
MalletKat Pro - 5 Octave
2 Proteus 1 sound modules
1 Proteus 2 sound modules
1 Roland U220 Piano module with a variety of additional sound cartridges
1000s of software synth files for PC and MAC studio software
Plus lots of other toys to assist in various production needs.

We also have a large assortment of Djembes, Ashikos, Hand drums, Congas - Full and Half Heights, Bongos, Tyco Drum,  and a large variety of shakers and noisemakers.

Mobile Recording

We will bring our mobile studio to your location to record your band, interviews or anything thing that you need recording mobility.

Drum repair Yup, we do that too. Djembes, Ashikos, Congas, etc. We can take your broken drum, fix it and make it sing for you.
Drummer Of course, as a drummer you would think that is one of The Rhythm Priest Services. Well, it is. Traditional kit drumming, percussions, hand drums, etc. 
Sound services We no longer offer large capacity sound brokering services. Instead, we have a couple of small sound system available for your small festivals, park events, corporate events, parties etc. We will even throw in a sound man. If you are a DJ and only have your tables, we can supplement with our power and speakers. Nice, right? We do not offer any lighting services at this time.
We don't have a spare kitchen sink to offer, but you get the idea. We are happy to work with you because we know how important quality and honest service is to you. We're for the people and we look forward to hearing from you. Contact us at for further information.

May the pulse be with you.

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